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Sombra Pain Relief Warm Therapy Topical Analgesic Gel for Ultrasound - 4 oz Jar

MSRP: $11.99
Price: $10.99
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Item Number: Sombra4
Manufacturer: Sombra
Manufacturer Part No: 4 oz
(NOTE: All ultrasound massage therapy units must be used with conductive gel in order to be effective!
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Sombra Warm Therapy Pain Relieving Gel is a unique herbal formula of effective natural ingredients developed and clinically tested!

Customer Feedback:
Hi EZUltrasound,
Thank you for getting the products to me so fast!  I am so pleased with how the Sombra works, even by just rubbing it into the skin after a warm shower.  I have left hip osteoarthritis with degenerative joint disease.  (Don't want to get cortisone shots or hip replacement, which is what osteopath recommends.)
I have told my chiropractor about it and she tried some of mine and would love to purchase some as she has many patients she sees and uses ultrasound with.  I told her I would check with you because it is amazing and brings relief quickly, and I would prefer she use that on me and all her patients.  
It lasts for hours and hours without NSAIDs or other pain meds.
P.S.:  Keep up the great work, folks.  We truly appreciate it!   Pain-free the natural way.   What a great site.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-D.W. - Wauwatosa, WI - 7-8-2012

16 oz VALUE PACK of Sombra Gel!

16 oz VALUE PACK only $8.50 per Jar (regular price is $10.99)!

  Open Sombra Gel Topical Analgesic Cream

A leading topical analgesic with a refreshing, natural orange-citrus scent -
it's perfect for chronic conditions as well as basic aches and pains!

Doubling as a
phonophoresis ultrasound gel, Sombra Gel is a greaseless therapeutic cream that incorporates natural pain reliving ingredients for one amazing pain relief muscles cream

Sombra Gel a unique therapeutic herbal pain reliever that enhances healing and speeds recovery of painful muscles. Rub a little Sombra Gel on your neck to enhance relaxation while in pose at the end of a long yoga or Pilates session. Used professionally by chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and in athletic and rehabilitation programs. This hot warm therapy gel is ideal for joint pain and weakness and muscular pain.

7 Herbal Ingredients

Menthol ~ cooling effect, mild anesthetic
Camphor ~ natural coolant, anesthetic
Capsaicin ~ stimulates blood circulation, decreases pain signals to brain
Aloe Vera Extract ~ anti-inflammatory, natural healing properties
Green Tea Extract ~ anti-irritant, antioxidant
Orange Peel Extract ~
Queen of the Prairie Extract ~ antiseptic, healing extract

How Does Sombra Gel Work? When applied as directed, Sombra Gel ointment, stimulates the body's endorphin response to pain and reduces constant joint and muscle stiffness thereby lessening pain and discomfort, enhancing healing. The deep penetrating effect of this pain relieving gel offers long lasting cool-to-warm soothing muscular and joint relief.

What's in Sombra Gel? Most medicated phonophoresis gels and topical pain reliever remedies only contain one or two pain relieving ingredients, but Sombra Gel relief cream contains 7 unique substances that are clinically proven to decrease pain and inflammation, loosen tight muscles, ease aches and pains, and increase blood flow. A great lower back pain treatment and topical muscle pain reliever.

Sombra Gel pain cream is made with
7 Herbal Extracts: Menthol (5%), Camphor (3%), Menthol, Camphor, Capsaicin, Aloe Vera Extract, Green Tea Extract, Orange Peel Extract, and Queen of the Prairie Extract. Numerous scientific research papers and herbal literature endorse the analgesic action of Sombra Gel's all natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. In addition, unlike other topical analgesic gels, Sombra gel does not have a harsh  medicinal smell. This phonophoresis ultrasonic gel couplant for pain relief
has a pleasing lavender scent that once applied, ultimately becomes odorless as the creme dries. Wonderful for neck and shoulder pains and muscle strain treatment.

Sombra Gel Applications:

  • Medicated Ultrasound Gel For Use During Ultrasound Treatment
    Sensitive Skin?
    Try our Aquasonic Clear
    Ultrasound Gel

    • hypoallergenic
    • no sensitizing dyes or fragrances

  • Massage Therapy Treatment
  • Soft Tissue Trigger Point Therapy Remedy
  • Rehabilitation Exercise
  • Targeted Pain Relief of Aches and Pains
  • Both Pre and Post Workout Stretching

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Visit our F.A.Q.’s page for more information on
how ultrasound therapy works!

Using Sombra Gel Topical Cream to Take Advantage of Phonophoresis:

Why do I need to use Ultrasound Gel?

The speed ultra sound waves travel are affected by the different types of body tissues. The ultra sonic waves travel fastest through bone tissue, and moves slowest through air. Because air is such a poor conductor, when the ultrasound machine is applied to the skin, the ultrasound waves cannot enter the body.

Prior to ultrasound treatment, coupling gel is applied to the skin to allow for smooth movement of the transducer over the skin and to eliminate air between the skin and the transducer.

Ultrasound gel is hyper-ionic so it conducts the ultrasonic sound waves into the body. Without the proper conductivity gel, ultrasound therapy is ineffective.


Why Phonophoresis?

, also known as sonophoresis, is the use of ultrasound to enhance the delivery of topically applied drugs. Effectively, medicines contained within or under the ultrasound gel are pushed by the sound waves of the ultrasound and driven deep below the skin. Phonophoretically administered medications can penetrate the body at a much deeper level than those massaged by hand over the surface of the skin. The Sombra Gel ointment's naturally based pain relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients are driven deep into the tissue with ultrasound application - delivering pain relief EXACTLY where you need it.

The duration of the treatment, and the need to adhere to a specific dosage, is also a large consideration. Obviously, the longer ultrasound is used over a topical phonophoretic drug, the more medication is delivered and the deeper it goes. Drugs that require very exact doses, like insulin for example, cannot be controlled accurately enough to be delivered via Phonophoresis. Many natural analgesics (muscle pain rubs), such as Sombra Gel Treatment, and anti-inflammatory drugs, are excellent candidates for phonophoretic application though and provide great relief for muscle pain.

One of the greatest benefits to delivering medications via phonophoresis is that the medication can be delivered locally to a desired area. Oral pain killers, muscle pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs are introduced to the entire body in equal amounts. Even if you only need pain relief in your tennis elbow, or an anti-inflammatory in your swollen bursa, when using oral medications, you end up drugging your entire body - including your brain, your heart, and your lungs - even if they might not need the drug. With phonophoresis lotions, such as Sombra Gel, the part of the body that receives the medication is the precise part of your body that needs it.

Where is Phonophoresis Typically Used?

Phonophoresis is most commonly used by Physical Therapists and Chiropractors for the treatment of localized physical injuries. As a very cutting edge technology, phonophoresis is currently being studied for the use of a vast array of medications.

Articles on Phonophoresis

APTA Research Report(PDF)
BioMechanics Magazine Article


  • Relieves minor aches and pains for superior muscle pain therapy.
  • Absorbs quickly with a refreshing orange scent.
  • Unique warming and cooling ingredients.
  • Alcohol free, non-greasy, non-staining
  • Used in Ultrasound
  • Animal free.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Greaseless, Non-Irritating and Non-Staining (water soluble) lotion

  • Versatile: can be used both as a phonophoresis ultrasound gel and topical analgesic cream rub
  • All natural pain relief ingredients - 7 herbal pain relief, anti-inflammatory components
  • Enhances healing and improves local blood flow
  • Gentle, soothing, long lasting cool to warm sensation for deep tissue pain relief

  • Sombra Gel pain therapy gel reduces pain and discomfort by stimulating the body's endorphin response to pain or injury, to ease aches
  • Contains no salt or formaldehyde
  • Used and recommended by leading medical health professionals (doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors)

  • Jar size: 4 oz. (.12 L)

  • (Please note: Due to hygienic reasons, we are unable to accept returns of used Sombra Gel for refunds).

Sombra Gel Pain Relief Gel can effectively help relieve pain from:

  • Post-injury conditions (dislocations, distortions of joints, inflammation of
    muscles, spasms tendons, etc)
  • Pain in rheumatic diseases
  • Low-back pain of neurological origin, Back Ache (e.g. root pain, discopathies, sciatica)
  • Bursitis and similar inflammatory ailments
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Foot/Toe Sprains/Achilles Sprains, Strains and Muscle Spasms
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Ankle/Knee/Calf/Neck Sprains and Strains
  • Hip Sprains, Thigh Sprains/Strains
  • Ligament Strains
  • OsteoArthritis
  • Post - Exercise Recovery (when the workout goes a bit too far)
  • Plantar Fascitis (Heel Spurs)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Shoulder Capulitis
  • Supraspinatus / Infraspinatus injuries
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tendonitis (acute or chronic)
  • Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow,
  • Tension Headaches
  • Upper and Lower Back Strains
  • Wrist/ Hand/Elbow/Shoulder Sprains, Strains and Stiffness
  • Hand Muscle Pain

    Available Sombra Gel Sizes:

    Sombra Warm Therapy Gel Ingredients

    View product testimonials & reviews below from customers you have bought the
    Sombra Gel Topical Analgesic Pain Relief Ultrasound Phonophoresis Gel - 4 oz. Jar”:

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    Sombra Gel Rocks!
    Rosangela (US) 4/7/2013 7:21 PM
    I love the Sombra pain relief gel and use it by itself. Please continue to offer it as it really rocks! btw so does customer support, they have been great!