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Wearable Ultrasound - SAM Starter Kit

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Item Number: S9002-KT
Manufacturer: ZetrOZ
Manufacturer Part No: S9002-KT
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sam® is the first wearable ultrasound device cleared in both the USA (FDA) and Europe (CE Mark) for up to 4 hours of continuous therapeutic ultrasound therapy. Use sam to treat those chronic painful conditions which require constant therapy.

We are happy to deliver the premier wearable ultrasound machine designed to deliver safe, convenient, effective ultrasound therapy. For the person on go the new sam wearable ultrasound machine is ready for you.

sam is the EZUltrasound  wearable solution to pain relief and recovery. Convenient, portable, safe and effective ultrasound therapy.

sam is wearable, slow release, ultrasound therapy.

sam is revolutionary technology that aids in recovery of pains and strains – getting you back doing what you love.

sam is FDA cleared, drug-free pain management. Proven to: sam - Wearable Ultrasound

  • Reduces inflammatory pain in tendons, muscles & joints
  • Relieve Muscle SpasmsRelieve Muscle Spasms
  • Improves joint and muscle flexibility & mobility
  • Increase Local Circulation

Drug-free sam® is battery-powered, rechargeable and comfortable to wear—even on moving joints. It can be worn for up to 4 hours, fully saturating sore muscles, tendons and ligaments with gentle, restorative ultrasound energy. 

Whether you’re an injured athlete, weekend warrior or chronic pain sufferer, sam® can help you maintain your active lifestyle.


sam takes the proven effectiveness of ultrasound therapy, relied upon by trainers, physical therapists and doctors then miniaturizes it, makes it portable, makes it wearable and delivers true drug free pain management.

Ultrasound is a very high frequency sound wave which produces a unique energy that, at specific frequencies, is clinically proven to provide therapeutic benefits. These waves exert physical force on tissue, blood vessels, and bones that have thermal, mechanical, and chemical reactions. This stimulates normal physiological responses to injury creating an environment that accelerates the bodies natural ability to recover.

Ultrasound has been used as a proven therapy for decades.

What does Therapeutic Ultrasound Do?

  • Creates deep heating in tissues that helps to soothe inflammation and relieve pain
  • Increases circulation and flexibility by pushing/pulling nutrients through cellular structures
  • Removes cellular waste products to aid in overall healing process
  • Accelerates the tissue recovery process: bone, tendon, ligament, muscle
  • Stimulates gene expression of fibroblasts, promotes cell proliferation and migration, matrix formation
  • Decreases pain by inducing non-specific and cell-mediated release of secretory proteins

Features of the sam® Device

  • New and innovative ultrasonic device
  • Drug-free, easy to use, wearable, mobile, long duration ultrasound
  • Provides a warming sensation during treatment
  • Utilizes single-use coupling bandages for hygienic application that are manufactured with ultrasound coupling media sealed inside.
  • Convenience and ease of application leads to greater patient compliance
  • Pre-configured to provide continuous ultrasonic output at a preset frequency and intensity which cannot be modified by the user. The user can set the treatment duration to be 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours.
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the sam® device can provide 4 hours of therapy on a single battery charge.
  • The sam® Power Controller Module includes a slide lock switch that allows the locking of treatment settings so that they cannot be inadvertently modified during a 1-4 hour treatment session.
  • Each applicator is equipped with sam® sensing, closed-loop continuous temperature monitoring which maintains treatment site temperature during normal operation.
  • sam® device may be used with any of the following accessories: sam® belt clip, sam® armband, sam® carrying case
  • Each sam wearable ultrasound machine has a one year manufacturer warranty.  


Click here for instructions on how to use sam.

Quick Start Guide
Placement Protocol
Treatment Protocol
User Guide
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